Friday, July 5, 2013

New Arrival: Love, Polka, Pointy Double Pocket, Birdie Shirt

Awwww! Don't you see this very lovely LOVE Shirt? Very recommend for you pastel lover who wanna look different and catchy!
IDR 85.000

Still for you pastel lover, Polka Shirt match for your office and campus outfit. Wear with a bright scarf and skirt to maximize your look.
IDR 85.000

a very unique and detail shirt, Pointy Double Collar and Pocket Shirt. This shirt will bring you into a formal look, though it can be wear as a hangout outfit also :D
IDR 90.000

Birdie Shirt, a very unique and cute prints shirt. Wear this shirt and it will boost UP your mood when you feel low. Recommended :D
 IDR 85.000 
SMS: 0812-9877-9903 
Pin BB: 2A3DBF07

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