Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet The Super Bundling Stuff #1

Kode Produk: Super Bundling 1
(Lion Scarf + Love shirt + Pencil skirt )
Fit to L
IDR 235.000

Kode Produk: Super Bundling 2
(Peach Plain Scarf + Triangle Denim Studs + Floral Dress)
Fit To L
IDR 275.000

 Kode Produk: Super Bundling 3
(Deer Tees Pink + Pencil Skirt in Purple)
Fit to L
IDR 165.000

Kode Produk: Super Bundling 4
(Birdie Shirt Dusty Pink + Pencil Skirt in Red)
Shirt Fit to XL, Skirt fit to L
IDR 185.000

Nggak perlu bingung lagi mix and match, karena kami menyediakan super bundling stuff!^^
Grab it fast, dear!

SMS: 0812-9877-9903 
Pin BB: 2A3DBF07

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